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[43] August Development Details

[ 2018.07.27 ]

Hello Ragnarok Zero users, this is the Ragnarok Zero team from RO1 Studio. Today we will let you know about the updates that will be made in July.

1. God Items Quest Update

God Item quests and items will be added. New quests that the whole server can enjoy along with the God Items that can be crafted will be added.

The first God Item to be added is Sleipnir. A new effect will be added when wearing Sleipnir.

2. Malangdo Update

Malangdo will be added! Stay tuned for new areas, new quests, and new gear.

3. New CuPet Evolutions Update

Three new evolutionary CuPets will be added: Diabolic, which evolves from Deviruchi, Ground Deleter, which evoles from Ground Petit, and Grand Peco, which evolves from Peco Peco.