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A korean Ragnarok Online Zero fansite

Criatura Academy is your definitive source for information about the official korean Ragnarok Online Zero servers. I strive to provide accurate translations of the content found on the official website, as well as adding information I learn of and experience ingame. If you find any errors, or want to get in touch feel free send me an email at

Memorial Dungeons Memorial Dungeons are dungeon instances that a party can do daily. Though each instance is unique they ultimately involve killing some type of Boss monster with a treasure chest being rewarded on completion.

Updates These are the various updates posted about on the Ragnarok Zero website.

Quests Learn more about various quests one can find on Ragnarok Zero.

Dev Notes Read through translations of the dev notes as posted on the official Ragnarok Zero website.

News Read through translations of most of the maintenance notes from the Ragnarok Zero website. I've chosen to translate only the maintenance notes that might be interesting to know about.