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This timeline attempts to cover major and more significant updates and changes, providing links where possible.


  • News 232:
    • The ability to make the God Item Brisingamen added.
    • Another way of secondary job skill changes went into effect.
    • Sage Wish Point NPCs added to various places.
    • Party item distribution improved. Range expanded to 15 cells around the item acquirer; all party members in range have equal chance of obtaining an item.



  • News 223:
    • 3 new CuPet evolutions added: Diabolic, Deleter, Grand Peco Peco.
    • Ankle Snare will no longer affect MVPs.
    • God Items information added to the Tip Box.


  • News 217:
    • Weapons dropped from the Doomed Sword Crafting quests and the Doomed Sword Bosses have been renamed.


  • News 215:
    • God Items Quests will be added.
    • August attendance check updated.
    • Dark Priest card description clarified.


  • Dev Note 43:
    • Dev note describing updates coming in August.
    • God Items quests and Sleipnir will be added.
    • Malangdo will be added.
    • 3 new CuPet evolutions will be added: Diabolic, Deleter, Grand Peco Peco.


  • News 208:
    • Alberta's Takanoha NPC will move Ninjas under level 70 to Amatsu.
    • A variety of buff consumables (High Quality Meal, etc) will be usuable via Purchase Stall.


  • News 205:
    • Memorial Dungeon Enchant Association updated in various ways.
    • Added black-out screen when dead.
    • Novice Play Dead skill updated.
    • Added how to spawn the Doomed Sword Bosses, i.e., Executioner, Ogretooth, and Mysteltainn
    • Vesper's Memory & Lava Ore can be added to Purchase Stalls.


  • News 204:
    • Tip Box updated with more Doomed Sword production quest info.
    • Number of monsters that spawn in Magma Dungeon Level 3 reduced.


  • Dev Note 42:
    • Dev note describing updates coming in July.
    • The environment will be changed when you're no longer able to battle (i.e. dead -- black screen).
    • Play Dead will be updated to prevent certain abuses of the skill.
    • Memorial Dungeon Enchant Association will work differently.


  • News 200:
    • Yuno added.
    • Clock Tower Boss summon location changed.
    • Some Louyang & Amatsu mob behavior changed.
    • Price and weight of some Alchemist consumables lowered.
    • Additional Memorial Dungeon Essence Enchants added and some existing ones were changed.


  • Dev Note 41:
    • Dev note describing updates coming in June (Part 3 of 3).
    • Nogg Road Fever equipment will be added.
    • Job Essence Enchants will be added and existing ones will be revised.
    • Localized Weapon Random options will cost Zeny instead of stones.
    • New droppable equipment will be added to Yuno monsters.
    • The way the Clock Tower Bosses are summoned will change.


  • News 197:
    • Random options for Louyang and Amatsu weapons now cost 150,000 Zeny instead of 10 Stones.
    • Some Memorial Dungeon rewards are now only clickable by party leader.


  • Dev Note 40:
    • Dev note describing updates coming in June (Part 2 of 3).
    • Yuno will be added.
    • Magma Dungeon (Nogg Road) will be added.
    • Juperos will be added.
    • Safety Wall & Pneuma effects corrected and finalized.


  • News 192:
    • Syrups, as described in Dev Note #39, are added.
    • The adjustments to Ninja skills mentioned in Dev Note #39 are also added.


  • Dev Note 39:
    • Dev note describing updates coming in June (Part 1 of 3).
    • Syrups, a new type of healing consumable, will be added.
    • Certain Ninja skills will have their cast times and cooldowns adjusted.


  • News 190:
    • Back Stab skill description fixed to reflect accurate SP cost.
    • Monk's Raging Quadruple Blow (Chain Combo) and Raging Thrust (Combo Finish) damage corrected.
    • Alchemists now gain EXP from the monsters summoned via Bio Cannibalize and Summon Marine Sphere.


  • News 185:
    • Amatsu released.
    • Ninja released, along with various Ninja items and essences.
    • Skill changes mentioned in Dev Note 36 added.


  • News 183:
    • The respawn time of the Old Treasure Box in the Guild Dungeon has been changed from 15 seconds to 5 minutes.


  • Dev Note 36:
    • Dev note describing updates coming May 23rd.
    • Updates include another round of job balance updates.
    • Ninja will be added during that update.
    • The rest of these dev notes describe the Ninja skills.


  • News 178:
    • Valkyrie & Britoniah Guild dungeons are opened. See this page for more information.
    • Attendance rewards updated for May.
    • Four new craftable costumes added.
    • The following evolved pets added: Choco, Yao Jun, Little Isis.
    • Alarm no longer drops Oridecon, instead drops Wanderer tame. Flying Petite no longer drops Khukri, instead drops Bright Red Juice (Loli Ruri tame).


  • News 169:
    • Zoom out functionality improved.
    • How Guild EXP works was changed. When guild reaches max level, no longer able to gain EXP for the guild.
    • Bard & Dancer skills were adjusted. (Lower cast times, lower ensemble fatigue, etc.)


  • News 160:
    • Fixed Jello Stone Synthesis level requirement (must be base level 30).
    • MVP monsters are immune to movement restriction skills.


  • Dev Note 35:
    • Dev note describing updates coming in May.
    • 3 new Cute Pet evolutions will be added: Little Isis, Yao Jun (Hyegun), and Choco.
    • 2 regular Cute Pets will be added: Loli Ruri & Wanderer.
    • Guild dungeons will open for Valkyrie (Prontera) and Britoniah (Geffen).
    • Another wave of job skill balances will be put into effect.
    • Amatsu will be added.
    • Ninja will be added.
    • Bard & Dancer will be adjusted.


  • News 154:
    • Bard & Dancer added. Includes adding Bard & Dancer Essence Lv1 & Lv2, Louyang weapons, Erhu of Earnest and Barbed Wire.
    • Attendance system added.
    • Louyang weapons are no longer enchantable, but rather receive 1 - 2 random options via NPC.
    • Louyang craftable headgear requirements lowered.
    • Update to the reward for some Achievement tasks.
    • Additional character slot opened (total of 7 now).
  • Dev Note 34:
    • Describes the Bard & Dancer update, including skill descriptions.
    • Covers the new instruments and whips added.
    • Describes the updated Louyang weapon random option system, including the specific options available.
    • Describes how the ingredients for the two craftable Louyang headgear changed.


  • News 149:
    • Steal Coin gets a 5 second skill cooldown.
    • Improved the auto feeding system of Homunculus & evolved Cute Pets.
    • Britoniah "Guild Master Room" lever positions changed.


  • News 144:
    • Britonniah (Geffen) siege area opened.
    • Additional Sunday WoE day added.
    • List of weapons forgeable by Blacksmith updated, and random options according to ranking also updated.
    • New equipment added (see dev note below for more details).
    • Thor's Flame updated to allow exchanging for higher minerals.
    • Doppelganger card description fixed.
  • Dev Note 33:
    • Describes the new equipment added in the above maintenance.
    • Informs about Britoniah opening and additional WoE day, added in above maintenance.
    • Describes the above maintenance updates to Blacksmith forging, including options their weapons have access to.
    • Mentions Bard & Dancer being added in April.
    • Discusses upcoming potential skill updates.


  • News 137:
    • Updated skill usage by the following Louyang mobs: Yao Jun, Green Maiden, Mi Gao, Civil Servant (Mao Guai).


  • News 131:
    • Louyang added.
    • Trap Boxes added.
    • Skill adjustments described in the below dev note were added.
  • Dev Note 32:
    • Info about Louyang.
    • Knight base ASPD adjusted when two-handed sword is equipped.
    • Rogue base ASPD adjusted when shield is equipped.
    • Sage: Land Protector, Volcano, Deluge & Violent Gale casting changed.
    • Hunter: Land Mine, Blast Mine, Claymore Trap casting changed.


  • News 125:
    • Updated the following skill descriptions: Resurrection, Deluge, Violent Gale & Volcano


  • News 121:
    • Safety Shoes "indestructible" bonus removed from description.
    • Alchemist Lv1 & Lv2 essences corrected.
    • 5 Cute Pet evolutions added: Mastering, Savage, High Orc, Metaller, Ancient Mummy.
    • "Follow" function removed.
    • Add MD drops as possible options for Vend Stores.
    • Atelier Manus added in northwest Prontera (prontera 50, 293).
    • NPC for transforming one Jello Stone into another one of a different type added to Prontera Enchant Association building.
    • Change Cart 2 quest skill added.
    • Poring Village MD will drop at least 1 Jello Shard Box during the weekend, even if the number of people doesn't meet the "required amount".
    • Set option for Khalitzburg Knight Armor has been removed.
  • Poring Village Ragnarok Zero update page updated:
    • Added note about item being destroyed if enchanting or resetting fails.
    • Removed CRIT +1 as possible enchant
    • Added SP +50 as possible enchant
    • Changed HP enchants: HP +50 to HP +100, and HP +100 to HP +200


  • Dev Note 31:
    • Published information about job skill updates coming in mid March.


  • News 114:
    • Fixed Raid skill description.
    • Fixed bug where Deluge reduced MaxHP of the Emperium.


  • News 112:
    • Some limited time costumes will be sold in the February.
    • Lumin & Leno quest EXP rewards adjusted.
    • The following items had their bonuses improved: Royal Knight's Greatsword, Prison Watcher, Sting Hat, Fire Staff, Ice Staff.
    • Ice Ghost & Flame Ghost skills usage, damage and EXP adjusted.
    • Orc Fever & Sograt Fever monsters level, status, and EXP decreased.
    • Ant Hell 1F MD now drops Azure Crystal instead of Crimson Crystal; Izlude Dungeon 2F now drops Crimson Crystal instead of Azure Crystal. (Ragnarok Zero update pages, including Sunken Ship MD, were updated on 2018-02-14.)
  • Dev Note 30:
    • Published information about updates to come in March 2018. These updates include Louyang and evolved pets.
  • The following MD pages were updated on 2018-02-12:


  • News 108:
    • EXP table increased slightly (based on feedback).
    • Add new kind of life insurance.
    • Casting time of some skills modified.
    • Inn EXP buffs increased for month of Feb.
    • Now actually able to Steal optioned equipment and weapons.


  • News 103:
    • Experience table reduced by 30% for base level 1 ~ 90.


  • News 102:
    • Adjusted Random Options for items dropped by level 60 and above monsters (includes list of monsters).


  • News 100:
    • Second jobs (minus bard and dancer) added. Dev Note 05 job skill updates added.
    • MDs added: Ant Hell 1F, Izlude Dungeon 2F, Sunken Ship.
    • Areas opened: Turtle Island, Clock Tower, Niffleheim & Glast Heim.
    • Regional quests added: Glast Heim, Clock Tower Dungeon, Turtle Island, Niffleheim, and Mjolnir Mountains.
    • Second part of Chronicles of Geffenia added.
    • Turtle Island entrance quest added.
    • Leno and Lumin quests added.
    • Card (mostly Boss) options updated.
    • Clock Tower Manager's Headset & Pocket Watch Hairpin added.
    • Other regional quests updated.


  • News 94:
    • Jack be Dandy added to Prontera Toy Merchant.
    • Updates to Kingdom Guild set composition.
    • Added Lutie's Snow Snow quest.
    • Party item distribution criteria changed.



  • News 87:
    • Stone Pick-up & Arrow Crafting usuable up to 70% overweight.
    • Can remove character outfit change with /return command.
    • Goblin King added to Geffen 11 field.
    • Novices can't wear Kingdom equipment.


  • News 84: Outlines the Q1 2018 updates. Essentially a re-copy of the Dev Note linked below.
  • Dev Note 05: Basically is an overview of the second job skill updates coming in Q1 2018, new areas that will be added (Turtle Island, Clock Tower, Glast Heim), and additional Memorial Dungeons (MD) and MD equipment.


  • News 80: Several reqional quests adjusted.


  • News 74: Fever equipment drop rate lowered. Fever bosses will teleport when on standby. Several regional quests adjusted.


  • News 64: Cost of certain items changed, some regional quest reguirements updated, summoning conditions for some Bosses increased.


  • Ragnarok Zero officially opens, though there are a lot of service outtages, so really doesn't open until 2017-12-07. They eventually add a second server, and things seem to be working properly as of 2017-12-09.


  • News 16: FLEE penalty adjusted. First class skill adjustments added. Geffen & Payon regional quests added. Inn Buff added. Jello Fragments added to Poring Village, and able to refine them into Jello Stones as well.


  • News 13: Party EXP changed. Only get buff when in 31x31 area of party leader. Also Bonus % has been updated.
  • Dev Note 03: First mention of upcoming 1st and 2nd class skill balance adjustments. Also talks about other balance updates.


  • News 12: Clan Helper Quest added. Random Options updated. Increase Subjugation gear drop rate when party has 7 or more people. When refining armor, rate of increase of DEF is changed.


  • News 10:
    • Gym Pass NPC added.
    • Additional Mjolnir & Prontera Regional Quests added. Geffen and Sandarman Regional Quests added.
    • Orc's Memory & Prontera Culvert now give Subjugation Equipment rewards.
    • Prontera Culvert Memorial Dungeon entrance base level requirement changed to level 59 or higher.
  • News 11: Champion Sohee will no longer suicide. Thor's Flame does not contain Blue, Red or Yellow Gemstone.



  • News 05: Regional quests added for Mjolnir, Umbala, Prontera. Guide boards and quest boards added. Special Tool Box Coupon & Costume Helmet Exchange Coupon added as Achievement rewards.