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[137] Notice of maintenance on March 16th

[ 2018.03.16 ]

NOTE: I've only chosen the parts I deem important from this news article. For the full version, see the link to the original at the bottom.

Some of the skills used by monsters have been adjusted.

  • Yao Jun & Green Maiden no longer use the skill "Power Up".
  • The probability of Yao Jun using "Sonic Blow" is greatly reduced.
  • The probability of Civil Servant (Maoi Guai) using "Jupitel Thunder" and "Frost Nova" is greatly reduced.
  • The level of the Civil Servant's "Dark Strike" skill is reduced.
  • Civil Servant no longer uses "Broad Lex Aeterna".
  • The level of "Earth Spike" used by Mi Gao is reduced.
  • Mi Gao's usage of "Defender" is decreased.
  • The level of Mi Gao's "Persistant Attack" is reduced.