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[205] Notice of maintenance on July 11th

[ 2018.07.09 ]

NOTE: I've only chosen the parts I deem important from this news article. For the full version, see the link to the original at the bottom.

1. Memorial Dungeon (MD) Enchant Association changed in the following ways:

  • The existing enchant NPCs are replaced with the following NPCs: (1) 1st Job Enchant Staff, (2) 2nd Job Enchant Staff, and (3) Ninja Enchant Staff.
  • The warp leading into the Enchant Association has been changed to display in a golden color.
  • Location and some information about Memorial Enchants have been added to the Tip Box.

2. If you fall into the state of being unable to fight, the following will occur:

  • Vend and purchase stalls will be closed.
  • Some heavy boss and boss summon broadcast messages will not be visible.
  • Monsters on the screen will not be visible.
  • The color of screen changes to dark.
  • Some other broadcasts will not be visible.

3. Novice's Play Dead skill changed. Now it has a duration of 30 seconds, a 60 second skill cooldown, and is unable to be canceled randomly.

4. The Magic Sword Bosses will be added:

  • Kill 500 Wanderer in gl_cas02 to spawn Executioner (액서큐서너)
  • Kill 500 Carat in gl_cas01 to spawn Ogretooth (오우거투스)
  • Kill 500 Marionette in gl_in01 to spawn Mysteltainn (미스틸테인)

5. Attendance rewards reset for July.

12. Vesper's Memory (베스퍼의 기억) & Lava Ore (용암 원석) changed so that they can be used with a Purchase Stall.