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[232] Notice of maintenance on September 19th

[ 2018.09.17 ]

NOTE: I've only chosen the parts I deem important from this news article. For the full version, see the link to the original at the bottom.

1. The ability to make the God Item Brisingamen will be added.

5. Another wave of secondary job skill changes will go into effect. See the original article for a full list of what changed.

6. NPCs that sell Yellow Wish Point, Indigo Wish Point, Lime Green Wish Point and Scarlet Wish Point will be added in the following locations: geffen (129, 49), gef_tower (105, 172), yuno (165, 187), and yuno_in03 (176, 20).

8. The item distribution function of the party is improved. The range is expanded to 15 cells based on the item acquirer, and all party members in range have an equal chance of obtaining an item.