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[144] Notice of maintenance on March 28th

[ 2018.03.27 ]

NOTE: I've only chosen the parts I deem important from this news article. For the full version, see the link to the original at the bottom.

4. New siege area Britonniah (Geffen) is opened.

5. Added additional WoE time on Sunday (now happens on Wednesday & Sunday).

7. List of weapons forgeable by Blacksmith is updated, and the list of random options according to the ranking is changed. See Dev Note #33 for more information.

8. Some new equipment added to certain mob drops. (See Dev Note #33 for links and descriptions.)

  • Sting: Knuckle Duster -> Wizard's Gloves [1]
  • Freezer: Broadsword -> Frozen Rose
  • Assaulter: Jewel Shield [1]
  • Dullahan: Dullahan's Gloves [1]
  • Loli Ruri: Loli Ruri's Shoes [1]
  • Owl Duke Owl D. Stick [1]
  • Maoi Guai (Civil Servant): Thunder Bow [1]
  • Green Maiden: White Serpent Ring [1]

9. Thor's Flame updated to now allow to exchange for higher minerals. See the Ragnarok Zero Smelting page for more info.

11. Doppelganger Card description updated (no change in actual card effect). Added, "+15% ASPD".